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Vany Hans (sounds like veiny hands) is a Portland based band Originated by guitarist and singer/writer Jason Taylor. Jason made friends with twins, Matthew Brittain (guitarist/singer) and Paul Brittain (bassist) during their teenage years at Kalaheo High School in Kailua, Hawaii. With a shared love for blues riffs and never ending jamming and beer, they began to play music together, and soon left Kailua for a bigger city. Portland, Oregon. 730 nights of converting to Ranier later, they met Portland musical artist Ross Charland. A regular at Jason’s place of work. They immediately joined to form a version of Vany Hans with past drummer Jack Wells, which soon was taken under by Covid. Fortunately through the two years of lockdown, they formed a revival with drummer Max Lillian, who was a former bandmate of Paul Brittain’s. Together they unearth some Lou Reed / Pavement inspired melodies.
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